Lake Oconee February 18, 2012

     We had a big time at Oconee!  23 boats competed even though the weather forecasts were not all that appealing. Several teams stayed home because of it. Well the weather man lost again. The rain held off till we had the weigh-in finished and packed up. It was a slow bite for most of the teams, but quality fish were caught by many of the teams. Can't say enough about how much the Sav-A-Lot BP made us feel right at home and was ready for us with breakfast and bait already bagged up at 5 AM! Stop by and see Bobby, Lisa, and Jason if you are around Oconee. Good folks that go out of their way to help you. Water temps ranged from 50-56 and the water was unusually clear for Oconee. Good color, but clearer than I am used to seeing in early spring. I bet this rain tonight changes all of that! Males and females were caught from the middle of the creeks to the very backs of the creeks. Seems they were scattered all over the water column and any where from 4-20 feet of water. Color of baits didn't really matter as much as minnows and crappie nibbles. Personally, it was really nice for Jamie and myself to get a chance to actually fish a tournament again. Getting a late start and having to stop early really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be on the fishing. We just couldn't find the fish that the other teams were catching. We'll try it again at Blackshear! I can tell you I am proud to have fished with my oldest son, and to see him grin all the way home after we won big fish. Good times had by all, and looking forward to Blackshear March 3, 2012.

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Tommy & Christy Sellers

Alan Frost & Scott Glenn

Billy Williams & Scott Williams

Robert Sellers & Tommy Ryals

Jonathan Sidle


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