Lake Blackshear March 3, 2012


     A wet one, but a good one! The bad weather stayed North and South of Lake Blackshear except for a few rumbles of thunder and a pretty good down pour. One a good note, the winds were very light and way off the forecast. Most of the teams were unable to pre-fish the areas they wanted to due to the high winds on Friday. Spawning crappie move in and out quickly and left a lot of us scratching our heads. I pre-fished Thursday and Friday and found good 1.5 lbs+ fish in different areas from one day to the next.

     Congrats to Billy & Scott Williams for sticking it out on a pattern and making it payoff. They checked everything and came up with a shallow bite tight to some trees in 3-6 FOW using good old cork/minnow rigs. The area was only 1 acre or so big, but had enough males and females coming in and out to catch the winning weight and the big fish of the tournament. Lamar Young & Justin Churchwell were right behind them, but found their fish scattered in 5-8 FOW. They said their new EZT Pole Perch rod holders really helped them keep the spread necessary to slow troll the shallow water. They mixed up cork rigs and straight minnow/jig rigs to cover the different depths. Jamie & Hunter Moore were only two one hundredths behind 2nd place and also worked scattered fish in 4-8 FOW around trees and trash piles. They used a wide assortment of rigs trying to find a pattern. Myself and my son followed them in fourth by pitching 1/24th oz Jiffy Jigs and 1/16th oz Road Runners to trees in 3-8 FOW and we caught fish on every different color combo we had in the box!  We used our double seat from EZT Pole Perch to both be able to pitch jigs to the trees from the front of the boat and work them quicker.  Rusty Parker and Kim Maxwell took fifth and also pitched jigs and corks with minnows to shallow trees. Pretty much a typical spring pattern for crappie. Find the shallow wood and you will find the crappie. Water temps jumped a lot over the last week from 58 to 69 in some back water areas.

      Thanks again to all those who took the time to come out in poor weather to support our tournament and to Leroy's One Stop for making us feel like we were at home. If you are coming to Blackshear, it would be worth your time to stop in and see Leroy and his wife. Was great to see some new faces and to meet a couple of too.

     Looking forward to April 7th for the next J & D Slab Madness tournament which will also be at Blackshear.

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