WOW!  What a weekend.  Mother nature tried to mix it up, but these hardcore anglers did not give up.  Storms moved through on Friday night and the wind greeted the anglers on Saturday morning.  Steady 25+ MPH and higher gusts in the 30's made protected waters hard to find.  Sunday's weather was better but much cooler temps and still too windy to fish much of the main lake.  One thing that did help some anglers was the bright sunshine.  Spawning fish were already in the shallows and creeks held slabs in the shade of the docks and cypress trees.  Staging fish were holding on the break lines in the creek mouths. 

     2011 Slab Masters State Champions Ricky Willis & Troy Thiel were day one leaders and were able to repeat and improve their weight on day two and brought the largest limit to the scales both days.  Congrats to the 2011 Slab Masters State Champions!  Dock shooting was their plan from the start and they did not even bring a long rod with them!  They  concentrated on the mid creek docks which were holding bigger fish than the shallower docks in the backs of the creeks.  Shoot and run, shoot and run.  They ended up with a 2.67 lbs lead over 2nd Place.  Their two day total was 19.27 lbs.  They also are already Qualified to fish the Crappie Masters Classic after a great finish on the Alabama River back in March this year.

     2nd place overall came up from 5th place on day one.  Congrats to Craig Chapman and Jason Little!  Their two day total also earned them a Qualification to the 2011 Crappie Masters Classic being held later this year on the Alabama River.  They were able to make up a lot of weight on Sunday since they were finally able to fish an area they could not due to Saturday's wind.  They were long line trolling the mouth of creeks looking for staging females.  They ended up with a 1.61 lbs lead over 3rd Place and also took overall Big Fish honors with a 2.24 lbs slab.  Their two day total was 16.60 lbs.

     3rd Place went to the father & son team of Robert Huff Sr. and Robby Huff.  They had worked hard for several days trying to find those big spawning females.  Robby said they had fished every tree on the upper lake and up the river!  Folks, thats a forest of cypress trees.  They moved up on day two from a day one finish of 6th.  Not only did they earn a check but also a Qualification to the 2011 Crappie Masters Classic being held on the Alabama River later this year.  They were fishing Jiffy Jigs tipped with minnows around shallow trees.  Their two day total was 14.99 lbs.

     4th Place was only .03 lbs behind but they did have 2nd Place Big Fish for the Championship and almost repeated Big Fish honors from last year's Classic.  Congrats to Frank Jackson & James Stewart, who also earned a 2011 Crappie Masters Classic Qualification.  They were long lining over the old river channel and were targeting the black crappie that had already spawned and were feeding heavily.  They moved up all the way from 13th on day one too!  Their two day total was 14.96 lbs.

     5th Place was taken by Randy Temples after fighting the wind and waves for two days in a row.  That new large Ranger boat paid off again allowing him to stay on the fish he found during prefishing days.  Those fish did not cooperate as much as he wanted.  Spider rigging Jiffy Jigs tipped with minnows and pitching/shooting docks and trees added fish to his limit both days.  His two day total was 14.20 lbs.

Congrats again to the Winners and also to those who earned a Crappie Masters Qualifier!!!!!!

Here's the complete results from both days.  Click on Dairylane to view them.

     Also, the meal on Saturday was provided by The Dairylane of Sandersville, GA.  Everyone enjoyed the fresh delicious BBQ pork and chicken.  The Dairylane sure knows how get all the flavors to come alive and if you have not tried it, you are missing out on one of the Souths best!  The coleslaw and Brunswick stew was crazy good too.  A very big Thank You to The Dairylane and to Ron Wallace & Tim Werkin for bringing it down for everyone to enjoy.

     We would also like to take a minute to thank all of the sponsors, donors, and hosts that helped make this tournament a success.  Leroy & One Stop Bait & Tackle were excellent hosts and made us feel right at home.  Great location for all your fishing needs while at the lake.  They carry a good assortment of artificial and live bait, drinks, snacks, and good all around conversation.  Thanks Leroy and family for having us there.  A big Thank You to Crappie Masters for helping our members earn a birth to the Crappie Masters Classic and for prizes awarded at the seminar.  Also to Roy Cape, Jr and Cape's Trailers, Rod & Jeanne Fry, B'n'M Pole Company, Ron Wallace & Tim Werkin, EGO Nets, Road Runner baits by Blakemore, Moss Back Fish Rack, Quick Fillet, Mr. Crappie, J.J.'s Magic, Buck Master Taxidermy, Five Star Ford of Warner Robins, GA, Jiffy Jigs, Hooked-Fishing Jerseys & Hoodies, The Crappie Shop in Gray, GA,, Ocmulgee Timber, and most importantly to our wives, family, friends, and all Slab Masters members. 

Here are some pics from the all 3 days.  Be sure to scroll all the way down.



2011 State Championship Qualified Members:

Sean Alligood

Wayne Ard

Ronny Brown

Roy Cape, Jr.

Craig Chapman

Jeanne Fry

Rod Fry

Greg Hanson

Robert Harris

Stephen Harrison

Tommy Hilburn

Robby Huff

Robert Huff

Frank Jackson

Paul Johnson

Tony Johnson

Bobby Kelley

Earl Kitchens

Jason Little

Kim Maxwell

Ray Mayo

Kevin Mixon

Buddy Peacock

Keith Shields

Scott Sprayberry

James Stewart

Randy Temples

Troy Thiel

Tracy Tompkins

Paul Vantongren

Ron Wallace

Tim Werkin

Billy Williams

Scott Williams

Ricky Willis

 Past Classic Info:

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