Oconee - March 16 2013 

     Spring like weather finally showed up to warm the waters a little.  The third regular season tournament was held on Oconee on the 16th after being rescheduled from inclement weather back in February.  March has come in like a lion with warm but very strong high speed winds too.  This limited a lot of anglers to protected areas along the WSW sides of the creeks after about 10 AM.  The water temps had come up to 55 - 59 across most of the lake on both arms.  The Oconee River side was still stained to heavy stain, while the Richland side remained light stain to clear.  Tournament day found about half the field way up the Apalachee River.  The rest were scattered throughout Lick Creek and the Richland side creeks.  47 anglers including 4 youths weighed in 106 crappie weighing an average of 1.31 lbs and 4 fish over 2 lbs.  Really good to see those youth anglers catching those slabs and getting to show off their big fish at the weigh-in too!

     Congrats to Bob Hodge and Edward Jones for catching the largest 7 fish on Saturday.  They weighed in with 11.52 lbs with a big fish of 1.94 lbs.  They shot docks all day long!  Once again, another team finds something a little different than what the rest of the field is doing.  They focused on the large females that were staging in the creeks to move up on the spawning flats, but not the fish holding in the channels.  It was also their 1st tournament with us too.  Pretty good way to start out!

     2nd place went to Robert Sellers who fished alone and still boated 11.01 lbs with a 2.08 big fish.  Takes a lot of skill to land those big fish while holding a rod in one hand and a net in the other.  He longline trolled the Oconee River and found big fish that had not moved into the creeks yet.

     3rd place team was the Adult/Youth team of Robert Huff and Raymond Huff and Nathan Huff.  They landed 10.28 lbs with a big fish of 1.76 lbs.  They spiderrigged the Apalachee River ledges using minnow tipped Jiffy Jigs with Chartreuse/White/Chartreuse producing the best.


     4th place was last years Swap Up Challenge Champions Lamar Young and Justin Churchwell with 10.02 lbs.  5th place went to Alan Frost and Scott Glenn with 9.98 lbs.  Overall big fish was taken by Dusty Brown and Terry Jones with a 2.23 lbs slab.  They are also the winners of last weeks West Point tournament. 

     Thank you to Sav-A-Lot BP for being awesome hosts.  The breakfast was awesome as usual.  They have all the fisherman's needs covered at one place.  Also, a big thank you to B'n'M, Jiffy Jigs, EZT Pole Perch, Crappie Town & Bobby Garland Baits, Ocmulgee Timber, and Five Star Automotive Group.

     Next stop is Lake Blackshear on April 20, 2013.

Click on Ocmulgee Timber for complete results below and check out the slide show of pictures from the tournament at the bottom of the page.