2013 Schedule

****   The dates, lakes, and locations are subject to change based on water levels, inclement weather, or other unavoidable reasons.  Slab Masters Tournament Trail does not anticipate any changes will be needed, but does reserve the right to make any necessary changes as needed.  Any changes will be noted on the website immediately.    **** 

Schedule (updated 7/14/2013)

    Date               Lake                       Sign Up                 Weigh In         

01/05/2013    Sinclair(Reg)            Kwick Stop #4      Crooked Creek

02/09/2013    Blackshear(J & D)    Leroy's One Stop Bait & Tackle

02/16/2013    Oconee(J & D)               Sav-A-Lot BP (Hwy 44)

03/09/2013    West Point(Reg)             GA Boy/Girl Outdoors

03/16/2013    Oconee                            Sav-A-Lot BP (Hwy 44)

04/20/2013     Blackshear(Reg)      Leroy's One Stop Bait & Tackle

05/04/2013     Oconee(J & D)              Sav-A-Lot BP (Hwy 44)

10/26/2013     Oconee(Reg)                Sav-A-Lot BP (Hwy 44)


Classic (updated 7/14/2013)

    _Date               Lake            Seminar/Registration          Weigh In   

12/07/2013     Blackshear            Ramada Inn                      Leroy's

"One day tournament"