Oconee - April 12, 2014

       Warmest tournament day of the year so far for us and an absolutely beautiful clear light wind day too.  Unfortunately the pleasure boaters thought so too.  Water temps ranged 62 - 73 and clarity ranged from pure mud to 2 foot visibility.  Recent heavy rains had water levels higher than normal and most of the docks had very little clearance for the ones wanting to shoot docks.  Anglers had every way possible to catch crappie available due to the numbers of spawning and post spawn fish scattered all over the lake.  19 teams weighed in 126 fish that averaged 1.18 lbs. with the big fish average being 1.16 lbs. and no fish 2 lbs. or larger were weighed.  There were 5 adult/youth teams and 3 male/female teams too.  Was great to see the families coming out to have fun together and some friendly competition too.

     Over $3,800 was paid out in cash and prizes for this one day event!

     Congratulations to the dock shooting team of Joe Partenza / Keith Smith that worked hard all day to find 7 willing fish that weighed 11.49 lbs.  Not only did they have the heaviest 7 fish limit, but they also caught the Big Fish of the tournament.  It weighed 1.93 lbs.  They started the day on the main lake docks until the boat traffic forced them to find protected waters that still had spawning large fish.  They used Bobby Garland Baby Shads in Key Lime Pie and Green Hornet colors and also a few different colors of Sugar Bugs.  They said there was not a "best" water depth.  They said there were different stages of spawning or spawned out fish both deep and shallow.  They also stated that prefishing helped them find the right docks so they could focus on running back and forth to those certain few docks for the best fish.  Joe said he dedicated this tournament to his mother who passed away last June, "Thanks Mom!"

     2nd place was taken by a father/son team of Ricky Willis / Hunter Willis.  They shot docks with Sugar Bugs and had to cover a lot of water while culling through smaller fish to get to 9.99 lbs.

     3rd place was a father/daughter Youth team of Jerry & Natalie Stanton / Pat Welch with 9.89 lbs. caught by single pole jigging manmade structures in the 8 - 15 foot of water range.  They said color didn't matter as long as it had chartreuse in it.

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     4th place was 9.61 lbs by Mark Howell / Bob Hodge.  5th place was Paul Van Tongern / Dustin Keener with a total weight of 9.16 lbs.

     Thank you to all those who came out to participate and to those who came to watch.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  The points race saw a shift in the top 5 and the leaders have changed!  Will be VERY interesting as the last tournament is coming up in April 26th.  The best 5 will be counted, so there is still a lot of opportunity to make up some ground.  Those that fished all 6 will have the ability to throw out their worst tournament in the totals.  Just because you have a low weight at one tournament doesn't take you out of contention.

     Just food for thought.  The fish eat every day.  Can you catch them everyday?  Come out and show us, and learn more than you think.  You will become a better angler.

     Thank you to Sav-A-Lot BP for being great hosts.  Also, a big thank you to Taser Jigs, Slab Slobber, Crappie.com, B'n'M, Jiffy Jigs, EZT Pole Perch, Crappie Town & Bobby Garland Baits.

Click on this link for complete weigh-in results:  Oconee - 04/12/2014