West Point - February 22, 2014

     Another beautiful day on a GA/AL border lake!  Spring is getting close and the big fish know it.  Several warm days and nights have brought the water temps up to the mid 50's to low 60's in the shallows.  A light stain helped warm the water and kept the big fish from spooking easily.  The middle of the lake creeks were better than the northern end for bigger fish.  A lot of fish were caught during prefishing in just about every creek and large cove on the lake.  Every type of crappie fishing was producing and this all made it difficult to figure out the BEST way and BEST areas to win.  15 teams entered bringing 105 fish to the scales weighing 141.96 lbs. that averaged 1.35 lbs. each.  The top 7 teams were all over 10 lbs. and the top 6 big fish were all right at 2 lbs. each.  $1,585.00 in cash and prizes were paid out to the top 6 teams and Big Fish winners.  Prizes included B'n'M, Taser Jigs, and Jiffy Jigs gift cards too.  Congrats guys and gals! 

     Congratulations to Robert Sellers, Tommy Sellers who weighed in the heaviest 7 fish at 11.62 lbs.  Their big fish was 1.97 lbs.  They spider rigged minnows and jig/minnows in the shallows of mid lake creeks targeting water less than 7 feet deep.  They said they caught A LOT of fish with most of them around 1 lbs.  They said the heavier stained water was better than the clearer water they had found prefishing.  They are now the points leaders after two tournaments and two wins!

     Second place was taken with 11.53 lbs. by Jason Little who fished solo too.  He long lined to find his fish from past knowledge of West Point lake.  He uses a log he has kept of fishing trips over a lot of years.  He can go back and find days with similar conditions and uses that info to start hunting bigger fish.  He has used this log to help him win a lot of tournaments over the years too.  He used Sugar Bugs and A&R Jigs Betsy Bugs in 1/24th oz at about 1 mph over 10-20 feet of water.  He was targeting mid creek feeding fish that are heading to the backs of Veasey and Wehadkee Creeks.  His big fish was 2.07 lbs and was 2nd largest of the day.

     Third place was Greg Hanson and Paul Johnson who caught 10.61 lbs. They also found their fish holding in shallow water in the backs of mid lake creeks.  They also found that the more stained the water was, the more aggressive the fish were.  They spider rigged various feather/jelly belly style jigs and plastic grubs along with some straight minnow double rigs too.  Colors changed as the sunlight changed with a little overcast cloud cover moving in and out.  They had a big fish of 1.99 lbs.

     Fourth was Randy Temples and Ricky Burgamy with 10.26 lbs. using A&R Jigs.  5th place was Robert Huff and Robby Huff and Raymond Huff with 10.17 lbs. using Jiffy Jigs.

     Big Fish was caught by Kim Maxwell and Josh Wigley weighing 2.14 lbs.  using Rag FLy Jigs.

     Thank you to all those who came out to participate and to those who came to watch.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  2014 is shaping up to be another great season.  The points race is under way and it will be a tight one until the end.  Best 5 out of 6 will be used to determine the overall winners.  Just because you have a low weight at one tournament doesn't take you out of contention.  Just food for thought.  The fish eat every day.  Can you catch them everyday?  Come out and show us, and learn more than you think.  You will become a better angler.

     Thank you to Highland Marina Resort again for their hospitality.  Also, a big thank you to Taser Jigs, Slab Slobber, Crappie.com, B'n'M, Jiffy Jigs, EZT Pole Perch, Crappie Town & Bobby Garland Baits.

Click on this link for complete weigh-in results:   West Point Feb 22, 2014