West Point - March 22, 2014

     Spring is finally here!  Warmer temps day and night along with longer hours of sun light have pushed the big ones for the spawn.  Just about every shallow water area on West Point had spawning crappie, but picking the right spots was the hard part.  Water temps ranged 58 - 62 and a light stain was common all over the lake.  Big fish were being caught on the main lake too over deeper water which is encouraging for the future crappie population on West Point.  The spawners coming in waves spread out over the spring will help ensure future good numbers and sizes for years to come.  Was great to see the youth at the tournaments again.  They had a great time fishing with their dads and caught a lot of fish too. Spider rigging, long line trolling, and dock shooting all were productive ways to catch the bigger fish on Saturday.

     Congratulations to the Adult/Youth team of John & Hank Hall / David Foster who took 1st Place with 11.34 lbs.  They found their winning fish in about 5 foot of water in Maple Creek.  They spider rigged various jigs and minnows to catch the big females that were finally coming up to the shallows. Hank also caught a huge striper that had him grinning from ear to ear as he was tell me about how he played that monster on a 16' B'n'M pole!

     2nd place was taken by Dusty Brown / Terry Jones with a 7 fish limit weighing 10.75 lbs.  They long line trolled coves and points on the main lake above Highland Marina on the Chattahoochee River.  They didn't find the bigger fish until mid day.  They said fishing faster than normal was the key.  The fish really wanted the bait up high and screaming.  Said color wasn't as much a key as the speed.  They trolled Taser Jigs tipped with minnows and various other plastic baits.

     3rd place was Paul VanTongeren / Jonathan Stanton shot docks to catch 9.20 lbs.  They said they lost count of how many fish they caught during the tournament, but did catch at least 50 under the 1st dock they went to!  Reds and yellows were best for them.  They covered a lot of water to find their bigger fish and found that 10 foot of water was the best.

     4th place was 8.92 lbs by another Adult/Youth team Randy Temples / Ricky & Jordan Burgamy.  5th place was Brian Cooper / Richard Malcom / Mitchel Smith with a total weight of 8.39 lbs.

     Big Fish was taken by the team of Dan Sidle / Scott Williams / Billy Williams with a 2.13 lbs slab caught on a Taser Jig in 5 foot of water.  Even with motor problems early that morning, persistence paid off.  Some times working an area harder will get the bites that most anglers will miss.  When the fish are pressured, like they have been on West Point now for weeks, a slower presentation can be the key.

     Thank you to all those who came out to participate and to those who came to watch.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  The points race saw a shift in the top 5 and the lead was reduced to 1 point!  Should be interesting as the last 2 tournaments are coming up in April.  The best 5 will be counted, so there is still a lot of opportunity to make up some ground.  Just because you have a low weight at one tournament doesn't take you out of contention.

     Just food for thought.  The fish eat every day.  Can you catch them everyday?  Come out and show us, and learn more than you think.  You will become a better angler.

     Thank you to Highland Marina Resort and Red Roof Inn for being great hosts.  Also, a big thank you to Taser Jigs, Slab Slobber, Crappie.com, B'n'M, Jiffy Jigs, EZT Pole Perch, Crappie Town & Bobby Garland Baits.

Click on this link for complete weigh-in results:  West Point 03/22/2014