We had another good day with good people and decent weather on Lake Oconee. The recent cold front had cooled the water and high pressure didn't help the bite either.  The sun did stay out for most of the day and helped keep some fish shallow.   Most of the spawning fish had already moved out from the 1st wave and the 2nd wave were staging in the creeks with a few males still along the banks.
Our winners this time were Jonathan Stanton and Paul Van Tongren who managed to catch 11.20 lbs including the Big Fish at 2.09 lbs.  They shot docks and bridge pilings looking for the larger fish that had already spawned and the ones staging still coming up the Oconee River.  They said the bite was slow all day for them and they would sometimes have to hit a spot 7 or 8 times to get bit.  They also said that using Slab Slobber was key to getting bites.
2nd place was Ricky Willis and Ian Smith weighing in with 10.42 lbs.  They also shot docks in the mid lake area using SugarBugs in various colors.  They also said the bite was slow for them and there were only a few docks that were holding aggressive fish.  
Joe Partenza and Richard Malcom caught enough fish to grab 3rd place and were also shooting docks with 9.94 lbs.  They used Slab Slobber on various plastic grubs and chennile jigs in 1/32 and 1/24 oz.  They also said that only certain docks were producing and that the Slab Slobber made the difference in getting a hook set.  
4th place was caught spider rigging the Richland arm of the lake in 8-10 feet of water by Ricky Burgamy and Brandy McCoy.  They used minnow rigs and had to work slowly on the flats to get bites.  They weighed in with 9.69 lbs.  5th place was another dock shooting team of Bob Hodge and Wayne Hodge.  They worked hard to catch 8.96 lbs in the mid lake area too.
Congrats to our Points Champions Robert Huff and Tommy Huff.  They consistently finished better than any other team all through this season.  Congrats also to Randy Temples and Ricky Burgamy in 2nd place for the Points Champions.  They almost made up enough points to win and made the race a close one.
Our next tournament is the Classic which is open to anglers that have entered at least two regular season qualifier tournaments.  It is on April 11, 2015 at Lake Oconee.  Going to be a good tournament with every technique being an option for the post spawn fish. 
Appreciate everyone coming out and glad the weather folks were wrong again too. 
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