The 2015 Classic at Lake Oconee made for a interesting tournament.  The fish were mostly in a post spawn phase with a few late spawners still in the shallows.  The majority of the fish caught were suspended over deeper flats in the mouths of the coves and major creeks or under docks.  The water temps were above 70 around the entire lake which was mostly clear to light stained.  The boat traffic had increased as normal for most lakes this time of year.  Between bass tournaments and pleasure boaters, the water stayed churned up all day.  The dedicated anglers we have still found a way to catch some great fish in rough waters.  
Our Classic winner this year was Ricky Willis with 10.01 lbs he caught on SugarBugs by shooting docks.  He said he ran to key docks from I20 all the way around to Granite Shoals.  There were a lot of non tournament boats out shooting docks also on tournament day.  He said the long run was necessary to find docks that had not been fished yet by the other anglers. Ricky also caught the Big Fish of the day at 1.78 lbs.
2nd place was also a familiar team with Robert Huff and Tommy Huff weighing in 8.46 lbs.  They also shot docks with Jiffy Jigs.  They had boat problems early in the morning, which required Tommy to stear the boat by hand from the transom while Robert worked the throttle and giving Tommy directions from the bow!  They worked harder than anyone for sure and fished from Lick Creek all the way up above Hwy 44 bridge. 
3rd place was taken by Greg Hanson and Paul Johnson.  They pitched man-made brushpiles and shot docks with Taser Jigs and SugarBugs in the mid lake area. They weighed in 8.20 lbs.  
4th place was Kim Maxwell and Dan Sidle with 7.63 lbs and were spiderrigging Taser Jigs and minnows over deep flats with Pinks and Blues being the best colors. 5th place was taken by Charles Wood and Alan Mcginnis who long line trolled various jigs over creek channels. They weighed in with 7.03 lbs.
We appreciate everyone's participation and support again this year.  We also want to thank Five Star Automotive Group.  They have been supportive of Slab Masters since the beginning.  Please take some time and go by to see Randy Burkey at the Warner Robins Five Star Dodge.  He has some great deals available for Slab Masters members and their friends and families.  Be sure to let them know how much we appreciate them too.
Look for the schedule for the 2016 series to be posted soon and should start in the fall of 2015.    
Click on Five Star for complete weigh-in results.