Another season was finalized with the Clark Hill Classic April 2, 2016 out of Cherokee Boat Ramp in Lincoln County.  We picked this lake for the season ending tournament because it has a vast amount of water with a vast amount of different types of fishing available this late in the spring.  It is a popular crappie lake for anglers all over the South.  Our anglers used just about every part of the lake and every type of fishing known to try and catch the largest 7 crappie on tournament day.  We have some of the best in the nation fishing our trail.  A lot of them travel to fish the national trails and are tough to beat anywhere.  Despite the left hook mother nature threw us on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, these anglers took it in stride.  Somewhere around 3-5 inches of rain and 30+ MPH winds didn't stop them.  Water temps were in the low to upper 60s all over the lake with mostly post spawn fish being found.  A lot of crappie have still not spawned as is normal with a lake this large and is part of the reason it stays a great crappie lake every year.  They just were not many in the shallows.  The creek channels produced along with docks that had structure under or around them.  The docks ended up being where the bigger fish were caught.  The top 3 teams were all shooting docks and pitching a few brush piles.  Congrats to all who qualified and to those who landed the bigger fish.
1st place weighed in an impressive 13.99 lbs. anchored by a 2.42 lbs. slab which also sealed up the Big Fish of the tournament too.  Ricky Willis and Troy Thiel shot docks pitched a few brush piles from Fishing Creek down to Amity.  They had to trailer 3 different times to get it done.  Outstanding job keeping their fish alive during the moves.  The huge live well of their Ranger makes managing their tournament fish a little easier.  The winds were too high to make it sensible to run by water too.  They used SugarBugs in Red/Green/Yellow, White/Blue/White, and Pearl/Pink/White in a 24th oz. size.  They won $1010 for 1st and Big Fish.  They also won the Side Pot Tournament and Big Fish netting another $400.  Pretty good weekend for catching some great eating fish!
2nd place landed 11.78 lbs. and had 2nd place Big Fish of 2.07 lbs. too.  Brothers Forrest and Jacob Walker ran all over the place shooting docks too.  They had a hard time sorting out all of the big fish they caught to narrow it down to 7 for the weigh in.  This was also the 1st time they had placed in the money with Slab Masters too.  They have put in a lot of hard work and planning to get it done.  Great to have them fishing with us and they both are always happy even when things don't work out.  Appreciate the great attitude guys.  They used a mixture or 24th and 32nd oz. jigs and jig heads from 5S Jigs and Blades, SugarBugs, Jiffy Jigs, Bobby Garland, and Southern Pro.  They found switching up after a couple fish would get a few more fish to bite before having to move on to the next dock.  They won $420 for having fun catching a pile of great eating fish.
3rd place is another hard working team that also shot docks.  Jonathan Stanton and Paul VanTongern weighed in with 10.35 lbs. They used Sore Lip Jigs and Jiffy Jigs in 16th and 24th oz. in multiple colors to land their bigger fish.  They also soaked every jig in Slab Slobber too.  Different fall rates and size profiles seemed to help catch some of the pressured fish that were being shared by all the boats working the docks.  They won $200 and also won 2nd Place in the Side Pot Tournament too netting another $200.   
4th place were long line trolling creek ledges mid way back of several creeks to find their bigger fish.  Brothers Tommy and Robert Sellers weighed in 10.10 lbs.  5th place was David Allen and Ricky Cone who also long line trolled the upper end of Little River on the GA side.  They weighed in 9.63 lbs.
Now for the Points Champions!  It was a very tight race and only separated by 1 point by each place from 1st down to 5th.  The best 4 out of 5 tournaments were used to determine the Champions which included the Classic.  Our Points Champions are Justin Churchwell and Dusty Stewart with 177 points earning them $456.  2nd Place with 176 points was Ricky Burgamy earning $304.  These points were awarded based on place of finish in each tournament.  $10 from each boat entered went into the Champions fund and split 60/40 to 1st and 2nd.  Neither of these teams won a tournament during the season, but consistently finishing in the top is what makes a Champion. 3rd place in points was Jamie Moore, Ron Wallace, and Tim Werkin.  4th place in points was Randy Temples and 5th place was Terry Jones. 
We appreciate everyone's participation and support again this year.  We also want to thank Five Star Automotive Group.  They have been supportive of Slab Masters since the beginning.  Please take some time and go by to see Randy Burkey at the Warner Robins Five Star Dodge.  He has some great deals available for Slab Masters members and their friends and families.  Be sure to let them know how much we appreciate them too.    
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