Finally some decent.......well tolerable weather for a tournament!  Typical GA spring weather with high winds and consistent cold fronts made for tough conditions for the anglers that decided to catch fish regardless of mother nature.  The lake was muddy to clear from one creek to the next up and down the lake.  No real pattern as to the North or South being better or worse.  Prefishing helped and hurt some teams due to conditions changing Friday night.  Just goes to show that anglers need to look at what is forecasted as much as what was found during prefishing.  Was awesome to see some youth teams again and some new faces again too.
  • 1st Place was taken by Paul Johnson / Greg Hanson/ Jack Hanson which was an Adult/Youth team.  They caught enough to weighin with 9.12 lbs.  They longlined upper river creek mouths focusing on the first contour change in the creeks.  They used various jigs tipped with minnows getting down to the 12-15 foot range.  They said Sugar Bugs in various colors with a large split shot added above worked the best.
  • 2nd Place at 8.46 lbs was Jamie Moore / Don Stroup who spiderrigged 15-20 down over creek ledges on the mid to upper creeks.  The wind made them look inside the creeks which turned out to be where the bigger fish were staging.  Taser Jigs in pinks and blues tipped with minnows caught their bigger fish.  They also said that the bigger fish wanted the baits almost sitting still.  There were a lot of boats working the same area, but they said the baits made all the difference. 
  • 3rd Place followed closely behind with 8.13 lbs sealed with the overall big fish of 1.92 lbs by Justin Churchwell / Dusty Stewart.  They longline trolled the mouth of upper lake creeks targeting staging crappie waiting to come up and spawn.   Their best colors were blues and blacks in various weights to get down deep.
  • 4th was the Mr. Crappie team of Ron Wallace / Tim Werkin who also longline trolled to find their bigger fish totaling 7.89 lbs.
  • 5th was another Adult / Youth team of Terry Jones / Bill Gilliam / Jordan Gilliam with 7.86 lbs.
We appreciate everyone's participation and support again this year.  We also want to thank Five Star Automotive Group.  They have been supportive of Slab Masters since the beginning.  Please take some time and go by to see Randy Burkey at the Warner Robins Five Star Dodge.  He has some great deals available for Slab Masters members and their friends and families.  Be sure to let them know how much we appreciate them too.    
Click on Five Star for complete weigh-in results.